Betamax Spray


Easy to use sub lingual vitamin B12 methylcobalamin and vitamin  B6 to  increase rapid absorption spraying under the tongue and allows the tissue in the mouth to absorb these important ingredients in the immune System.

Doctor Recommended Seal


One or two drops of Betamax under the tongue gives you the essential vitamin B your body needs. Betamax was specifically designed to be effective for maintaining excellent health and well being. The vitamin B in Betamax will supply you with a positive and direct impact on your energy levels, brain function, and cell metabolism, because they are the building blocks of a healthy body. Vitamin B complex aids in the prevention of infections as well as the support and promotion of cellular health.

“Betamax Spray is a sublingual Vitamin B12 & Vitamin B6 spray. Clinical research shows that sublingual Vitamin B12 is effective for maintaining a healthy mind and body.” Dr. Derek Enlander

This supplement developed in parts by Dr. Derek Enlander, One of the world’s leading physicians in this field.